Irrational lust.

Even though I won't be bike shopping until spring 2015, that doesn't stop me from browsing and burning up brain cells thinking about what I want out of a bike.

My budget will be limited to the $2000 or below range and there are plenty of great bikes that tend to sell in that price range.  However, there are only a few that pique my interest.  Mainly, the KLR650, DR650, Honda Hawk GT and the lowly little Buell Blast.  Ultimately, it's the Blast that I keep obsessing over.  Even with all it's supposed flaws and shortcomings, the idea of a shaky thumper that you can toss around like a bicycle is very appealing.  (Plus you add, great brakes, almost zero maintenance and +60mpg and that's pretty sweet.)

Thinking about all the negatives does nothing to change my mind.  It did however, make me realize that as much as I want to be rational and choose the reliable and trouble free bike, I most likely won't.

I want soul.  I want a  more visceral experience.

Maybe I've been brainwashed into the Cult of Buell because if I had the money, I'd be all over another Ulysses.


Surly said...

Buy the Kawasaki. You don't want a Blast. Not as your only bike. Buy the Kawasaki...

red said...

Dammit. I had a good reply written up and the blogger app ate it. My wife mentioned the other day that she would like to get her mc license and a small dual sport. Plus I've been eyeing dirt roads and other places for adventure.

NotClauswitz said...

I would get an XR6550L before the KLR but that's just something between me and Kawasaki Heavy Equipment Corporation. I rode the DR650 when it was new and we did a press intro - it was small and low for me so I naturally preferred the taller XR - which you can actually take onto narrow single-track without too much fear.
For a woman's Dual-sport my buddy's wife likes her Yamaha 225 Serow.